As we have traveled along the labyrinthine path, we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with many people, sharing the path. They are some of the most knowledgeable and gifted labyrinth designers, creators and historians of our time. We are honored to have worked with them, welcoming the opportunity to collaborate again and with others in the future. Here they are listed in alphabetical order with links to the collaborative work of art:

Alex Champion

Alex Champion Collaboration

Five-petal Vesica, Private Residence, Yorkville, IL

Robert Ferré

Robert Ferre Collaboration

Chartres, Private Residence, Telluride, CO
Chartres, Zion United Church, Florissant, MO
Chartres Modified, University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, IN
Dominican Sisters Labyrinth, Houston, TX
Chartres, Private Residence, New Vernon, NJ
Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN

Bob & Marge McCarthy

Bob and Marge McCarthy Collaboration

Folk Art Museum, Santa Fe, NM

Sue Anne Foster

Sue Anne Foster Collaboration

Growing Tomorrow’s World Labyrinth, Centennial Elementary School, Plano, IL

Lea Goode-Harris, Ph.D., Santa Rosa® Labyrinth

Lea Goode-Harris Collaboration

Standing Bear Park, Ponca City, OK
St. Luke’s Methodist Church, Shreveport, LA

John Ridder

John Ridder Collaboration

Melissa Labyrinth, Private Residence, Toledo, OH

Gail Hancock

Gail Hancock Collaboration

Standing Bear Park, Ponca City, OK

Jeff Saward

Jeff Saward Collaboration

Celtic Cross Design, St. Xavier University South Campus, Tinley Park, IL
Homestead B&B, Plano, IL
Heart in the Park Labyrinth, Tonkawa, OK
International Riverfront Park, Detroit, MI
Reims Labyrinth, Heritage Gardens at Erickson Farms, DeForest, WI
Illinois Math and Science Academy Labyrinth, Aurora, IL

 Patrica McLaughlin

Patrica McLaughlin Collaboration

Quad City Labyrinth Project

Lisa Moriarty

Lisa Moriarty Collaboration

Spiral Labyrinth, Phoenix Park, Eau Claire, WI

Judy Hopen

Judy Hopen Collaboration

Reflection Labyrinth, Sears Boys Home, MO

Neal Harris

Neal Harris Collaboration

Relax for Life