Marty Kermeen Bio

Marty Kermeen

Artist’s Statement

As a stone sculptor, I specialize in the creation and installation of complex designs, including labyrinths. My mission is to create superior works of art in a variety of paving and landscape materials that withstand the tests of time. It is my belief that hand sculpting enhances the individual character of the rock and leaves the imprint of the stonecutter’s soul. I am passionate about my daily quest to leave a unique mark on this planet for the benefit of all, now and for generations to come

Labyrinth Commissions 

2015  Hap Magee Ranch Park Labyrinth, Danville, CA.

2014 Canvas Labyrinth, Good Samaritain Hospital, Downers Grove, IL.

2013 University Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK

2013 The Friendship Village Collaboration, GraniTite Tech. Schaumburg, IL.

2012 West Concord Union Church, Concord MA

2013 Canvas Labyrinth, Municipal Systems, Oklahoma City, OK.

2013 Canvas Labyrinth, Lexington VA Hospital, Lexington, VA

2013 Canvas Labyrinth, Turning Point Consultants Huntsville, AL

2012 Canvas Labyrinth, The Pond House, Pell City,  AL.

2012 Honey Bee Labyrinth Garden, Wilmington, IL.

2012 St. Pauls’ Cathedral, Houston TX

2010 Labyrinth at Rotary Park, Nashua, NH
2010 Laguna Niguel Botanical Gardens, Laguna Niguel, CA
2010 1st Presbyterian Church, Denver, CO
2010 Ochsner Medical Clinic, Covington, LA
2009 Yorkville Congregational Church, Yorkville, IL
2009 St. Elizabeth’s Church, San Bruno, CA
2008 Man-in-the-Maze Labyrinth, Private Park, Wabash, IN
2008 Chartres Labyrinth, Grace Episcopal Church, Hopkinsville, KY
2008 Heritage Gardens, Deforest, WI
2007 Melissa Labyrinth, Private Residence, Toledo, OH
2007 University Southern Indiana Labyrinth, Evansville, IN
2007 Illinois Math and Science Academy Golden Labyrinth, Aurora, IL
2007 Heart in the Park Labyrinth designed by Marty Kermeen, Tonkawa, OK
2006 Peaceful Retreat (HGTV), Private Residence, Washington, DC
2006 Chartres Labyrinth, Private Residence, Telluride, CO
2006 Labyrinths at the International Riverfront Park (3), Detroit, MI
2006 Harmony Farm Wellness and Retreat Center Labyrinth, Tipp City, OH
2006 Friends of the Labyrinths (2) at Audubon Park, New Orleans, LA
2005 Zion United Church of Christ Labyrinth, Florissant, MO
2005 New American Castle Labyrinth, Middlefield, MA
2005 Valparaiso University Labyrinth, Valparaiso, IN
2005 Phoenix Park Labyrinth, Eau Claire, WI
2004 Holzer Medical Center Cancer Research Labyrinth, Gallipolis, OH
2004 Sacred Heart School Labyrinth, Atherton, CA
2004 The Homestead B&B Labyrinth and Hedge Maze, Plano, IL
2004 Crystal Lake Labyrinth, Carle Medical Foundation, Urbana, IL
2004 Sanibel Congregational United Church Labyrinth, Sanibel Island, FL
2003 Double Spiral Labyrinth, Private Residence, Yorkville, IL
2003 Five Petal Vesica (with Alex Champion), Private Residence, Yorkville, IL
2003 St. David’s Labyrinth Austin, TX
2002 Sisters of Dominican Labyrinth (with Robert Ferré), Houston, TX
2002 Unity Center Labyrinth, Austin, TX
2002 Oswego Presbyterian Church Labyrinth, Oswego, IL
2002 Chartres Labyrinth (with Robert Ferré), New Vernon, NJ
2001 Heart of Chartres, Private Residence, Glasgow, KY
2001 DeKalb Community Labyrinth, Huntley Park, IL
2001 Standing Bear Park Community Labyrinth, Ponca City, OK
2001 Museum of International Folk Art Labyrinth, Santa Fe, NM
2001 Dromenon Labyrinth, Libertyville, IL
2001 Church of the Resurrection Labyrinth, Destin, FL
2000 Growing Tomorrow’s World Labyrinth, Plano, IL
2000 Grace Brethren Church Labyrinth, Long Beach, CA
2000 St. Luke’s Methodist Church Labyrinth, Shreveport, LA
2000 St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church Labyrinth, Naperville, IL
2000 Mary Clark Wright Memorial Labyrinth, Knoxville, TN
2000 The Living Labyrinth, University of Northern Illinois, DeKalb, IL
2000 Dancing Lady Labyrinth, Plano, IL
2000 Rotary Labyrinth/Meditation Garden, UT Medical Branch, Galveston, TX
1999 Naperville Millennium Labyrinth, Riverwalk Park, Naperville, IL


2006 Home and Garden Television show “Curb Appeal”, aired September 2007

Awards Received

1999 Decorative & Durable Designs International Concrete Pavement Awards
1st Place Specialty, Millennium Labyrinth, Riverwalk Park, Naperville, IL

1999 Decorative & Durable Designs International Concrete Pavement Awards
2nd Place Specialty, Coat-of-Arms Shield; Washington and Lee University;Lexington, VA

Art Exhibitions

2006 “National Trails Symposium Labyrinth” Indoor Labyrinth Garden Display created with volunteers and the Quad City Labyrinth Project, Davenport, IA
2001 “Labyrinth,” Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe, NM. Permanent stone installation
2001 “DeKalb Community Labyrinth,” Museum Without Walls Project, DeKalb, IL
2000 “Living Labyrinth,” Northern Illinois University Art Museum, DeKalb, IL Permanent earthen installation
2000 “Washington, D.C., Traveling Labyrinth Exhibit,” International exhibition of labyrinth sculptures.

Lectures and Workshops

2004 “Stories from the Labyrinth Path” slide show presentation for The Crystal Lake Labyrinth, Urbana Park District, Urbana, IL
2000 “My Calling to Build Labyrinths” slide show presentation, Indiana Labyrinth Coalition
2000 “Layout of Classical Labyrinth,” Northern Illinois University Art Museum, DeKalb, IL
2000 “Walking the Labyrinth,” Gifted Children’s Program, Naperville School District, Naperville Millennium Labyrinth, IL
2000 “Hope for the World Labyrinth Walk,” 2nd Grade Class, Centennial Elementary School, Plano, IL

Selected Bibliography

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