California Labyrinths

Atherton Sacred Heart School Labyrinth

Sacred Heart School Chartres Labyrinth

The labyrinth at Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton is located in Conway Court between the Main Building and the Campbell Performing Arts Center. It is a replica of the labyrinth at the Chartres Cathedral in Paris. It was placed in the courtyard as the symbolic center of the campus and is used by students during various classes for prayer and meditation. Guided by faculty members, students engage in quiet walking meditation along the winding path of the labyrinth, symbolizing the human journey for the search for God in their lives. When not in use, the labyrinth becomes a decorative background and conversation piece for ceremonies and other events that take place in this multipurpose space. Unbeknownst at the time by the committee who chose this design, the labyrinth at Amiens, home of the first Sacred Heart School, is also a replica of the Chartres design.

Danville, CA: Hap McGee Ranch Park Labyrinth

The labyrinth at Hap Magee Park in Danville CA is a beautiful tribute to William Schramm of Alamo CA. “Will” was in a tragic car accident at the age of 24, shortly after he had found labyrinth walking and made it part of his spiritual practice. He  will always be known as the Traveling Diamond, and through the path of this labyrinth he will sparkle on! Internationally known labyrinth artist Marty Kermeen, from Labyrinths in Stone, was commissioned to create and install a handcrafted labyrinth in Hap Magee Ranch Park. The labyrinth sits behind the Magee House in a quiet and peaceful corner of the park. An oak tree canopy provides the labyrinth with dappled shade and the creek nearby brings the calming sounds of water. It is our hope that the community finds the labyrinth a tranquil place to address challenge, meditate, pray and find peace and serenity.
Labyrinth projects don’t just start with the construction process. This beautiful labyrinth project brought with it many challenges, beginning with the very first phone call.  The contract had to include the town of Danville, Contra Costa County, and also the United Methodist Church. Working through the red tape tripled our workmans comp insurance and took many months and hundreds of emails.  But the real story here is that the heart of this labyrinth lies with a traveling diamond, William Schramm.
It was very clear that we were being guided each step of the way.  The committee wanted the labyrinth to contain all of the intention and love that only an artist such as Marty can create; they wanted a hand-sculpted. interactive work of art. They did not want a kit to be put in by a local contractor which meant bringing Marty and Debi all the way from Illinois to create this beautiful labyrinth by hand!  Before traveling to California, Marty spent many hours at his studio working with his assistant Dave Keller. It then took Marty more than two months to install and add details at the jobsite.
 It was beautiful, from the moment we walked up to the site.  We loved all the dogs, people, heart tree, nature and made some wonderful new friends!  The committee provided lodging and food for the entire time we were there. Seriously, it felt to us as if Will had hand-picked Marty himself by guiding the small committee to find him. We felt Will’s presence every day, as though he was introducing himself to us. So much healing takes place when a labyrinth like this is created as a gift  for future generations. This labyrinth carries the light and love of William Shramm, aka the Traveling Diamond, well into the future.

 Laguna Niguel Botanical Preserve Labyrinth with Mosaic

The Labyrinth at Niguel Botanical Preserve. Photo by Nancy Palmer

As you hike up the hill of the Niguel Botanical Preserve in Crown Valley Community Park in Laguna Niguel, you come across so much beauty. You will see butterflies, dragonflies, birds, cactus and succulent displays, sycamores & oaks, an evergreen forest, a children’s garden maze, a community rose garden, eucalyptus trees and species from Australia. Then you come to the Citizen of the Year Grove, lines with Crepe Myrtle trees. You follow the path up to the entrance of the labyrinth, Which is cradled in a formation of cypress trees.

Closeup of Labyrinth at Laguna Niguel

This labyrinth is both unique and exquisite, it is a one of a kind design, shaped like a race-track. Its entrance is visually aligned on the distant peak of Saddleback Mountain, which dominates the horizon for 30 miles around. It is the ultimate picture-postcard view.

In the center of the labyrinth is a beautiful, Marty Kermeen hand sculpted mosaic. The craftsmanship is impeccable. The three Bougainvillea flowers and vine are made using colored clay pavers, which is the official city flower of Laguna Niguel.

Marty and Debi at Laguna Niguel

Deb at Laguna

Marty and Debi Kermeen building a one of a kind labyrinth!  “The best part of our job, are the people that we meet along the way!  We made many friends on this trip and had a wonderful time, people invited us to all kinds of wonderful events, including music concerts, Pageant of the Masters and fires on the beach at night under the star’s”!!

Long Beach Grace Brethren Church Labyrinth

Labyrinth at Long Beach

Grace Brethern Church Labyrinth

The Grace Brethren Labyrinth was commissioned as part of a multi-million dollar reconstruction of a two-block religious complex that includes a church, school, preschool, offices, and recreational area.

As the centerpiece of a covered courtyard that connects the main buildings of the complex, this magnificent 1,250-square-foot labyrinth is an exact replica of the original Chartres design, minus the lunations. The path is 12.5 inches wide and extends a total of 750 feet in length. Pausing stones lead up to the entrance, encouraging people to reflect on their intention before entering the labyrinth. Molded concrete meditation benches around the perimeter of the space provide plenty of space for private meditation and prayer.

When not in use, the labyrinth becomes a decorative background for the fountain that adds even more beauty to this multipurpose space. Each petal of the center features a spout that adjusts from the off position to 6-inch gurgles to 15-foot jets of water with the turn of a gauge. A large drain in the middle of the concave center ensures proper drainage.

Truly a marriage of form and function, the Grace Brethren Labyrinth is a work of art that demonstrates Marty Kermeen’s award winning excellence in labyrinth design and installation.

San Bruno St. Elizabeth’s Church Labyrinth

Labyrinth at San Bruno

St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church Labyrinth

Walking the Labyrinth at San Brunos

Walking the Labyrinth at San Bruno

Lynn Bowish, was the first woman ordained Priest in the state of California. She was sent to this kind of small and run down church in San Bruno called St. Elizabeth’s. What they didn’t know, was that women know how to clean house! Thirty Years later, St E’s is going strong, this small church, has a huge heart and is Known as the “Place where miracles happen”, and is very  well loved by its members. Now you are greeted by a beautiful square shaped labyrinth in the front courtyard of the church. It was the only gift Lynn wanted as she retired, a gift for people in her community to have a walkable full size permanent labyrinth.

“Building this labyrinth was such a beautiful experience and one that I will never forget”~ Debi Kermeen