Marty and Debi Kermeen Labyrinth Builders for twenty years possess the insight, skill, and meticulous standards needed to create a true work of art.

 They are educators, presenters, facilitators and Founding members of The Labyrinth Society. They have created beautiful labyrinths from coast to coast. 

They are uniquely qualified to build your legacy quality labyrinth.  Marty’s beautiful labyrinth art installations include:

The New Walter Reed Hospital, Folk Art Museum in Santa Fe. GNP Insurance Mexico City, Botanical Gardens Laguna Nigel, St. Pauls’ Cathedral, The Crossings Bed and Breakfast Grass Lands National Park Val Marie Canada. 

Their first labyrinth project in 1998 Naperville, Illinois, has become an incredible legacy in the world of labyrinths.  


Some may think building a labyrinth sounds like landscape construction.

We are not contractors, we are artists that create and install beautiful labyrinths that will last for generations to come, helping to heal us and our planet one step at a time.

The labyrinth design at Aurora University has been used throughout human history and is called The Seven Path Classical Labyrinth pattern.

The first of several meeting that we attended about the AU labyrinth project took place on Sept 10, 2014. The process of shaping the pieces for the labyrinth started at our studio in February 2017. The actual installation of the interactive art piece started in June and was completed the last week of July 2017.

The base under this sacred space is 15″ deep. We also included a 5″ crown in the center to ensure that water would run off properly. This durable foundation was made by compacting over 100 tons of limestone gravel in varying sizes. Also, there is 7 tons of sand that we spread 1 inch thick as a setting bed which the pavers lay on. The paver area is 40.5 feet in diameter. Therefore the circumference is near 127 feet. The entire space totals 1287 square feet.

The dark bricks that make the lines of the labyrinth and the outer band surrounding the entire paved area were crafted using clay pavers. They have iron baked into their surface creating a slightly reflective appearance.

There are about 4500 small bricks used for the lines of the labyrinth. Each one of these pieces needed to be hand cut from full sized 4 X 8-inch pavers to a dimension of 3.1 X 4 inches.

After the small pieces that make the lines of the labyrinth were intentionally cut to be 3.1″ wide. We placed them side by side in three rows for the lines of the labyrinth. By doing this, we were able to generate a dimension that would be equal in size to the width of two of the beige squares that make up the path. If you look closely you can see the significant impact this has on the design.

Marty also rounded the top four corners of all of these small pieces by hand so they would cast shadows and create dimension. This cobblestone appearance evokes a feeling of welcoming and warmth to the labyrinth.

These custom pieces alone required an entire month of carving time at our studio to make.

Approximately 700 full sized 4 X 8 clay pavers also had their corners rounded. They were then utilized to create the outer band, which provides proper containment to the entire paved area. These pavers weigh 7 lbs each, totaling nearly 2.5 tons.

There are over 6100 square beige pavers that were custom manufactured for this project. They are made of compressed concrete. Each one weighs 6.25lbs. All of the beige pavers combined weigh over 19 tons.

We are humbled and proud when we think about the generations of students and faculty members that will walk this labyrinth, finding growth healing and peace. We know they will create a better world for us all.Debi and Marty Kermeen
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5 Element Drumming and Yoga class

Drumming and yoga connect body, mind, and spirit. Both are healing to the innermost parts of our beings. This class will take you on a journey of renewal and deep peace. We will end the class with Shavasna and a gentle sound healing. Contact us if you are interested in having Debi drum for your yoga class! Or if you are interested in learning the 5 element drumming rhythms.


The labyrinth at Hap Magee Park in Danville CA is a beautiful tribute to William Schramm of Alamo CA.  “Will” was in a tragic car accident at the age of 24, shortly after he had found labyrinth walking, and made it part of his spiritual practice.  Will,  will always be known as “The Traveling Diamond” and through the path of this labyrinth he will sparkle on!

Will’s family and friends, the community, The San Ramon Valley Methodist Church and the circles of friends in which he was a part, came together to make this dream of having a labyrinth in Hap Magee Park become a reality.

We feel truly honored that we were the ones chosen to create this beautiful labyrinth, it takes a lot of time, effort and organization to make a project like this happen!  We are so proud that it will be there for many generations to come!  Special thanks to Steve Johnson for his heartfelt photography work.  Bringing even more blessings along the path!







The labyrinth is finished and we have returned to Illinois.  We are so happy to have had the opportunities to see such a beautiful valley and be touched by the nature the land and by the people!

Our clients are thrilled with their labyrinth and we will be returning soon to add to this beautiful and sacred space at “Corkwood” in St Helena CA.




Labyrinth for Healing Steps

This labyrinth came into the world by people coming together! How beautiful…watch this video of the labyrinth we made in Huntsville AL.  What is needed most in today’s world!   Interfaith, Healing, a lasting Prayer Space for all to enjoy!


Our New Book

Miracles Along the Path: Heart Warming Stories from the Labyrinth.
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miracles cover

Located in the Healing Garden of the Hospital

The Reflection Labyrinth Brick Paver Labyrinth installed by Marty Kermeen and Labyrinths in Stone

People have been asking if pavers/bricks are a good choice for a labyrinth in the hospital environment? We decided to call Ken Moore, Executive Director of Holzer Center for Cancer. We had the good fortune to build our Reflection Labyrinth design using pavers in their wonderful healing garden in 2004. We asked Mr. Moore if they had experienced any problems. He said he didn’t think so but he would look into it further. Reading his return email you will see that if the pavers are installed properly, they are the perfect surface for a labyrinth at any hospital or clinic.

Please read below~

Hi Marty,

As promised, I just took an IV pole loaded with an IV pump over the labyrinth in our Healing Garden. I had no difficulty moving the pole over the bricks, in fact, it was more difficult to move the pole over the different flooring transitions in our center (carpet to tile, etc.).

We are still very pleased with the quality of the finished labyrinth.  I would recommend  your product to anyone.

Ken Moore
Executive Director for Cancer, Gallipolis, Ohio

 Here is a great video the hospital had made about the Labyrinth and Healing Garden

Video courtesy of Holzer Center for Cancer Care.

Home of Marty and Debi Kermeen Labyrinths in Stone, we are Labyrinth Builders, presenters, educators, facilitators and Founding members of The Labyrinth Society.

We have created paver art from coast to coast for over 25 years; our first labyrinth project was completed in 1998 in Naperville, Illinois. That started us on the twisting, turning journey of the labyrinth…

Making the most labyrinths has never been our goal. Creating beautiful labyrinths, with the intention that is precise works of art that withstands the test of time, is our passion.

Our labyrinth creations can be found in cathedrals, churches, hospitals, cancer centers, public parks, schools, universities, museums & private residences.

The labyrinths we create do not come in a kit. Labyrinths In Stone custom design and handcraft each labyrinth to fit the individual needs, space and budget requirements of our clients.

Marty Kermeen is the master sculptor and labyrinth builder who creates these beautiful labyrinths, which are recognized as some of the most beautiful and long-lasting available. They have been featured worldwide in magazines, books and TV, including HGTV, Time Magazine, and on the cover of Jeff Saward’s book “Labyrinths & Mazes.”

Explore our website to see details of our labyrinths throughout the USA.
Marty has carved three-dimensional images of nature since childhood and has recently started working in natural stone and incorporating his work into our labyrinth projects. He completed “Dance of the Cranes,” a relief carving featuring life-size Sandhill Cranes, in 2008.

We thrive on the creative process… whether it be creating labyrinth art, sculptures, workshops, or teaching about labyrinths and sacred geometry.

Bring us your ideas and let’s create a project that will leave a long-lasting, beautiful mark on the planet for future generations to enjoy!