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Marty and Debi Kermeen Labyrinth Builders for twenty years possess the insight, skill, and meticulous standards needed to create a true work of art.

 They are educators, presenters, facilitators and Founding members of The Labyrinth Society.

They are uniquely qualified to build your legacy quality work of art.  Their art installations include:

The New Walter Reed Hospital, Folk Art Museum in Santa Fe. GNP Insurance Mexico City, Botanical Gardens Laguna Nigel, St. Pauls’ Cathedral, The Crossings Bed and Breakfast Grass Lands National Park Val Marie Canada. 

Their first labyrinth project in 1998 Naperville, Illinois, has become an incredible legacy in the world of labyrinths.  

As master Labyrinth builders, with 20 years of experience creating some of the most beautiful paver and stone labyrinths. We feel it was an incredible honor to create this beautiful stone labyrinth in Traverse City, MI. It is located at “The Judith Groleau Healing Garden” at The Historic Barns Park Botanic Garden.

This Labyrinth is Located in the heart of Traverse City – on the grounds of the Traverse City State Hospital. The paver labyrinth is inspired by (not a replica) of the famous Chartres labyrinth.

The board of the Botanic Garden decided to have us make the trefoils in the center of the labyrinth colonial red, which is symbolic of the thirteen spires on the commons building #50.

We had hundreds of visitors to the site. Many of them commented on the 62′ in diameter labyrinth. They told us that the labyrinth seemed like a crown at the end of the beautiful Allee, and the red trefoils in the center were the jewels at the top of a crown.

Some of the visitors commented that it resembles stained glass. One man said the sacred geometry, and the craftsmanship was very reminiscent of a Cathedral.

We are enjoying the beauty of vineyards, people, mountains and the forest.  Our clients have commissioned a beautiful “Interactive work of Art!”  At their complex in “Wine Country”!

Labyrinth at "Corkwood" St. Helena CA

Labyrinth at “Corkwood”
St. Helena CA


The labyrinth at Hap Magee Park in Danville CA is a beautiful tribute to William Schramm of Alamo CA.  “Will” was in a tragic car accident at the age of 24, shortly after he had found labyrinth walking, and made it part of his spiritual practice.  Will,  will always be known as “The Traveling Diamond” and through the path of this labyrinth he will sparkle on!

Will’s family and friends, the community, The San Ramon Valley Methodist Church and the circles of friends in which he was a part, came together to make this dream of having a labyrinth in Hap Magee Park become a reality.

We feel truly honored that we were the ones chosen to create this beautiful labyrinth, it takes a lot of time, effort and organization to make a project like this happen!  We are so proud that it will be there for many generations to come!  Special thanks to Steve Johnson for his heartfelt photography work.  Bringing even more blessings along the path!

The concrete paver labyrinth originally located at 4th and Market Street, Galveston Island, Texas, was installed by professional labyrinth builder Marty Kermeen in March 2001. An environmentally sound habitat garden was planted in early 2003 (by Mark Fox), which surrounds the stone labyrinth. The labyrinth is a powerful process tool which offers an opportunity for people to open to deeper dimensions of human experience. Because its appeal is universal, it embraces people from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life, whether they are students, teachers, patients, caregivers, community citizens or island visitors.

After the property was up for grabs, a small group of people on the island wanted to save the labyrinth and began working together to raise awareness of this wonderful tool. It worked because Moody Methodist Church stepped right up and commissioned the original builder Marty Kermeen to come back and move the labyrinth brick by brick to their new home at the church.

The labyrinth will be loved for many generations to come! May peace, goodness, and love be found on the path!

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The labyrinth is a powerful, complex design of which evidence has been found as far back as 5000 years. Scholars from many disciplines continue to examine its complicated and largely unknown history, but there is little agreement about its ultimate origin, meaning, and use. Most think, however, that ancient peoples used the labyrinth to experience and celebrate their relationship to life, nature, and the world.



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Labyrinth for Healing Steps

This labyrinth came into the world by people coming together! How beautiful…watch this video of the labyrinth we made in Huntsville AL.  What is needed most in today’s world!   Interfaith, Healing, a lasting Prayer Space for all to enjoy!

GraniTite labyrinth at Friendship Village

We make beautiful permanent GraniTite labyrinths; here is one at a retirement village. One lady said, “The labyrinth changed my life as soon as I started walking it. I’m learning to trust my pathway as I’m aging. It’s helping me to find courage and optimism on my journey of aging.”