Heart Labyrinth: In the center of America, Tonkawa, OK. The Heart in the Park Labyrinth

Heart Labyrinth: In the center of America, Tonkawa, OK. The Heart in the Park Labyrinth


Letter from Robert Ferre

From:  J. L. Mayhew, Project Manager, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church

Houston, Texas

Dear Marty and Debi,

I want to take this opportunity to express our thanks to you for the spectacular job you and your team did in constructing a true replication of The Chartres Labyrinth at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Houston.  St. Paul’s had utilized a canvas Labyrinth for several years before forming a committee to study the feasibility of building a permanent Labyrinth on our campus.    Our investigation included discussions with several churches and other organizations across the country that had built Labyrinths.  To my amazement, I found out that there are over 150 Labyrinths in Texas.  Once the decision was made to proceed with building the Labyrinth, we focused our attention on finding someone to construct the Labyrinth.   Labyrinths In Stone and Marty Kermeen seemed to stand out among those we talked with in our investigation. Thus the decision was made to commission your firm to construct our Labyrinth.


As the member chosen to represent the church, I want to acknowledge how impressed we were with you during construction.  I have worked with many different contractors during my career but no one comes close to you as an artisan who strives for perfection in their trade.    Your passion for your vocation is evident.  The geometry and construction techniques are very unique and you are a master craftsman with stone.   Your attention to detail is evident which makes the end product outstanding.  Dr. James L. Bankston, our Labyrinth Committee, and the entire congregation join me in thanking  you and your team for a job well done.     Personally I would like to add that you were a joy to work with during construction.


In summary, we are very pleased with our decision to have Labyrinths in Stone construct our Labyrinth.   I would be happy to share our experience in more detail or answer any questions you might have.  I can be contacted by email at jlmemail@windstream.net:  telephone at 713-504-3087.


Double the Pleasure

GNP Insurance Mexico City Labyrinth

We had such a great time in Mexico City! They treated us like rock stars. The dedication was wonderful; Mexico City is truly a heart felt place, which is over flowing with culture and history. We will never forget how much fun we had and the feeling of being so welcomed and appreciated. Thank you everyone at GNP!

Beautiful Detail

The detail and the combination of clay pavers with concrete paving stones, creates a nice texture and really stands out!

Friends at GNP

The friendships we have made, are such a blessing along the path!



Five Element Labyrinth


Earth Walk Labyrinth 2011

With our intentions and visualizations, we manifest our reality.

The first time I had heard about Earth walk 2011, was in April of this year.  I was contacted about finding the name, of a person who is a labyrinth enthusiast in the Tucson, AZ area.  Planet Co Exist wanted to support a local person, who in exchange for national publicity, and an opportunity to raise awareness about labyrinths would paint a huge 200 ft labyrinth on the diamond of a baseball field, this would be for an event called Earth Walk 2011 to be held on the summer solstice.  I did my research and sent them the name of a lady in Tucson that could help them.


On May 23rd, I received a call from a friend saying that the Earth Walk Event had gone Global with satellite participation in San Francisco and Jerusalem, and that my husband Marty and myself may want to come to Tucson to be a part of it!  Well, Because my belief system involves, Loving and caring for the Earth, unity of all colors, all races, all cultures, all religions, all political views, walking together, in a community of unity. it all sounded so wonderful to me.  Also, the organizers of Earth Walk 2011 wanted to dedicate the Earth Labyrinth in Tucson as a living tribute to all of the victims of Tucson’s January shooting and to the peaceful resolution of violence world-wide.  I received a strong message to go.


So I talked to Marty about it and got him on board.  Originally the plan was that they would find someone to fund us and fly us to Tucson and home.  But, because we were planning to drive our eldest daughter Brittany from Chicago to Denver and Marty was going to Houston to make a labyrinth for a church, we decided we would drive from Denver to Tucson then I would fly home while he would drive on to Houston.  We had a very short time to prepare for all this, and doubt was creeping in! A plan was needed to create a 200 ft hay bale labyrinth that would incorporate “pods” where the musicians would play their instruments.  Marty called our good friend Jeff Saward and the two of them came with a design.  Jeff did the CAD work and figured up how many bales of hay would be needed to complete the design.  It came up to be Just around 1000!


So just within a two weeks time frame,  we made the arrangements, gave a baby shower for our daughter and took care of all business and personal matters, packed up everything, for daughter, Earth Walk Event, job in Houston, and hit the road with trailer in tow.    Meanwhile the crew in Tucson was very busy working on and organizing the event.


After a couple of days with our daughter and son in law.  We  headed to Tucson.  The drive from Denver to Tucson was very reflective, as we neared AZ we could see smoke and haze in the distance, it was eerie!   and I prayed for rain for the people, the animals and for our mother earth.


On the morning of June 20, 2011 we began painting the design on the ground of a minor league baseball field called Hi Corbett Field. This was a  job that we could not use volunteers for and It was another scorcher in Tucson as I recall looking up at the score board at 1:00pm and it screaming at 104 degrees.  Of course, there is no relief from the sun on a baseball diamond, when making a labyrinth at 200 ft.  If you might leave… say a  tape measure, can of paint, jug of water, sunscreen across the field, plus chasing Marty around with sunscreen and water jug….you get a heck of a lot of miles, running, walking, and lets not forget to mention squatting and walking like a duck for miles!  I kept looking longingly over at the fire tenders Oasis tent, which held the space for the sacred fire, along with several beautiful fire tenders, and a place for eating fresh fruit and drinking cool water from a bowl with a ladle.  Thinking to my self, oh boy would I love that job!!!  Me dripping sweat off my nose, baseball cap, red faced and covered in sunscreen, with marking paint on my hands and feet! It took us about nine hours to paint the design on.  We had quite a bit of pressure because the truck with the bales of hay and the volunteers to lay them on the lines were to arrive at 3:30pm so really there was no rest for the weary!   We finally completed the lines for the labyrinth and I told Marty that we may want to walk it , just to make sure that it wasn’t a maze!  The last thing he wanted to do was walk some more, but we did and found we missed a small part.  Marty grabbed the tape measure and paint and we quickly finished up just in time.

Here come the trucks with the hay bales, all stacked up nicely, and the volunteers began showing up a little at a time, we were ready to go.  As the first bales of hay were laid, there was some shall we say? Some human control and ego issues flying around.  Marty was guiding the volunteers on where to start and how to go about placing the bales on the lines. Many different ideas, many different leaders thinking that their way was best! Thankfully Marty is a wonderful leader and has lead volunteers to make labyrinths before.   I sat in the bleachers taking photos of the progression, ~ physically and emotionally exhausted, a bit wobbly,  with cramps in my feet and legs. Wondering what all this was about and how I got here? I was feeling a bit “left out”  as I watched them working together like an ant colony, each with a job to do, the labyrinth was growing bale by bale, load by load as the vehicles would pull up and the volunteers worked two by two pulling the hay from the bed and onto the line. By the time the last bale was in place the feeling of unity, and community, and “look what we have accomplished” happiness was all around.  You could literally feel it in the air and see it on the faces of all.  Lot’s of cheering, high fives and free hugs.  There were even young girls running around with misters misting people upon request, and offering lemonade! I told them that we could have used them  earlier? They were very sweet! I could see how good it made them feel to be involved in this wonderful energy of community spirit!


June 21st, was the big day of big event!!!  Marty and I arrived at the stadium to find that Volunteers had placed over 600 poster signs depicting images of peace, nature, quotes and affirmations adorning the bales of hay.  There were donated flowers, along with many beautiful and colorful flags from all different cultures. The sacred fire that had been tended to for days  had been placed in the center of the labyrinth using ritual and intention.


It was wonderful; Community, connection, intention set with ritual, healing music, and positive images replaced TV, video games, cell phones and worrisome world news instead Together, we walked, danced, and sang our way through a labyrinth of peace for Integrative Planetary Wellness. The paths were 9’ wide which allowed people to walk next to each other rather than one in front of the other.  A lady in a wheel chair, stopped us to thank us for making the paths wide enough for her to “spin circles” dancing the labyrinth, something she has never been able to do!  Sounds like the kind of energy that the world could use a whole lot more of!


What a wonderful and peaceful way to spend a beautiful evening in Tucson!!!  The families were finding Joy, Peace, and were connected to all that is…all in the middle of a baseball diamond!


Part of my lesson in all of this is;  with strength, patience and faith, we can go on and on with the unforeseen changes on our life’s path.  ,and that where we think we are going may just be a stepping stone to our next destination!!!


For More information about next years Earth Walk 2012 visit our website labyrinthsinstone.com or planetcoexist.com

Written by Debi Kermeen




New Labyrinth at Walter Reed

 Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Bethesda, MD

Walter Reed Medical Center Labyrinth





This exact Chartres Labyrinth Replica  is 42’ 3 and 3/8” in  diameter.  It was created using red concrete pavers for the path.  The lines are clay pavers with iron dust baked onto the surface. As you can see it is very striking indeed.













Walter Reed Medical Center Labyrinth




This labyrinth is being used as a tool for our returning warriors as “Safe Ground” in their therapy treatments.  Many of them are learning to walk again and the labyrinth gives them  not only a goal to reach at the center, but inner healing along the way.




Walter Reed Medical Center Labyrinth





These beautiful iridescent colored clay pavers are hand cut and seem to change color as the hues of sunlight change throughout the day.




While I was building this labyrinth I missed several family events including the birth of our first grand-daughter . The construction was also difficult ,there were nearly 1000 crafts men and woman on site. There was nowhere to put the trailer and nowhere to park the truck. The labyrinth is located in Angel Garden a perfect place. The garden is in an inclosed courtyard so every brick and wheelbarrow of gravel needed to come in thru a very busy hallway. It was hard, keeping the floor clean and dry. I was constantly wrestling with material and tools while entering codes to open and close secure  doors,and the long walk to get every tool and wheelbarrow  load was adding days to the project.  Just crossing the hallway was a tricky thing to do, man this job is stressful and  hard                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Then you take a closer look at who these people in the hallway are. It was full of our incredibly brave young men and woman and their family’s. Some were in wheelchairs while others were learning to use their new prosthetic limbs and that’s only the wounds that are visible.  yet most of them had determined smiles on their faces.

They were surrounded by doctors,  nurses, chaplains, red cross volunteers, even dogs that can heal you from the inside out. Every one of them our heroes. That is when I realized any difficulty or stress I was having really is not that bad. As I worked on this project for the next several weeks I came to understand that building this labyrinth in this place for these amazing people may be the  most important creation I  will ever make. Just being in the same hallway with these very special heroes is an honor.

We are very proud of the fact, that this labyrinth will be used by veterans, wounded warriors, and their families. We are sure the hospital staff will walk it to find calm and peace, through out their day. It is also great to imagine that as our presidents and the leaders of our great country come to receive their medical care, they may walk this labyrinth and find direction, comfort, peace and healing.

Walter Reed Medical Center Labyrinth