Colorado Labyrinths


Telluride Private Residence Labyrinth Builder Marty Kermeen Labyrinths in Stone

Labyrinth at Telluride

Design collaboration with Robert Ferré

Installation of this labyrinth by Marty Kermeen Labyrinths in Stone

Chartres Labyrinth

Private Residence, Chartres Labyrinth


The labyrinth is a dimensionally accurate replica of the labyrinth in Chartres France. This beautiful project is nestled on a mountain side at 12,500 feet elevation, high above the town of Telluride Colorado. Ironically this labyrinth was created right after our New Orleans project at Audubon Park (situated 1 foot above sea level). The fast change created a challenge for Marty and Jorge, making it difficult to take in enough oxygen to complete this incredibly peaceful retreat labyrinth.


Montview Presbyterian Church Chartres Labyrinth

Montview Presbyterian Church Chartres Labyrinth




Marty Kermeen and his assistant Jorge constructed This Essence of Chartres Brick Labyrinth. It is 33 feet in diameter and has a blend of red brown for the path and the lines are buff. The labyrinth is nestled nicely in the peaceful prayer garden behind the church and near the Columbarium.

Some of the labyrinth committee members struggled with the decision to use us, or to use a local contractor. After much deliberation they decided that our proven understanding of the geometry of the Chartres Labyrinth was important. They also described the comfort of seeing our video and extensive portfolios of precisely executed labyrinths, as well as our long list of clients who have become our friends.