Florida Labyrinths

Destin Church of the Resurrection Labyrinth Made by Marty Kermeen Labyrinths in Stone

Church of the Resurrection Labyrinth

Church of the Resurrection Labyrinth Constructed by Labyrinth artist Mary Kermeen of Labyrinths in Stone

The Resurrection Church is a contemporary-minded Catholic Church that chooses to focus on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The church was built with mostly glass walls – welcoming the beauty of nature and the outdoors to become an integral aspect of the service.

The 47 foot labyrinth is situated in a natural woodland setting at the entrance to this beautiful church and is surrounded by the 12 Stations of the Cross.

Aligning with their construction budget, the church decided upon the Chartres labyrinth with a modified rosette center and lunations. The color scheme is buff paths with a gray blend for the lines, offering contrasting hues for generations to come.

Sanibel Island  Church Labyrinth

Sanibel Congregational United Church Labyrinth

Sanibel Congregational United Church Labyrinth (Photo by Ed Nueske) Constructed by Marty Kermeen labyrinths in Stone

To allow for group gatherings this labyrinth was created in a circular form, not the usual brain shape. This 7-path prayer space, has a path sequence identical to the 7-path Classic style labyrinth. It is 29 feet in diameter, maximizing the available space. On the second day of the installation, during a visit to the beautiful beach, Marty was stung by a giant Stingray. Debi and Jorge finished the work on the labyrinth, while Marty directed from a lawn chair on the sidelines. There he made friends with numerous geckos.