Honey Bee Labyrinth is complete~


Honey Bee Labyrinth

At last the Honey Bee Labyrinth is complete~Marty was stung only 13 times total in the time he was making it.  The project took longer than we ever anticipated, some days the heat index reached over 100 degrees~  The ground was very hard due to the worst drought in many years…the large stones needed to be hauled then cut and shaped to fit the beautiful feminine design, then placed with care.  But, once again Even the extreme heat and terrible dry conditions did not stop  Marty from his work…or those bees from their work of making delectable Honey~

We have been enjoying some honey from the hives that will be surrounding the labyrinth after the flowers and plants are planted, these are the same hives that Marty has been working around for the past weeks.  Oh it is soooo Yummy, the sweet nectar!  We have been enjoying it very much.  I put it in my tea, on toast, over strawberries and fruit.  I also have used a wee bit on my face with some avocado.  Honey is so sweet, healing and beautiful~  Much like life itself~  Check back soon for photos~and you may even purchase Labyrinth Honey for sale on our website~

What is honey~

Sweet and sticky

Amber in color

With a thick slow texture

The Essence of  flowers filling my senses

The gift of  pollen, made into something beautiful

A blessing from Mother Earth~ abundant and wise~With a great sense of Humor

By: Debi Kermeen