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Davenport Indoor Temporary Garden Labyrinth National Trails Symposium

18th National Trails Symposium Labyrinth

18th National Trails Symposium Labyrinth, October 19-22, 2006 RiverCenter Convention Center - temporary indoor garden display created by Marty and Debi Kermeen assisted by volunteers

American Trails, the nation’s leading professional trails association, invited Quad-City Labyrinth Project to create a showcase labyrinth exhibit for their 18th National Trails Symposium. The labyrinth was located in the Great Hall of the RiverCenter Convention Center in downtown Davenport, which was the site of the 2006 symposium. In keeping with the trails theme, the intention of the installation was to introduce labyrinths as trails of self-discovery.

The labyrinth was installed by Marty and Debi Kermeen of Labyrinths in Stone.  Marty and Debi Kermeen are known world-wide for their labyrinth art and is the acknowledged master in hardscape labyrinth design and installation. The 40-foot, 5-circuit pattern was designed by Jeff Saward, internationally renowned labyrinth scholar, creator, and curator of Labyrinthos: The Labyrinth Resource Centre and Photo Library and Archive.

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