Kentucky Labyrinths


Heart of Chartres

Heart of Chartres, Private Residence

By Debi Kermeen

When my sister Betty found out that she had breast cancer, she called Marty and me to talk about the possibility of building a labyrinth in her backyard. Having heard many times of our stories about labyrinths as healing tools, she thought that the time had come for her to find out whether those stories were true.

Her family rallied behind her and decided to help build the labyrinth. I organized a party to paint the clay paving stones that would be used to outline the pathway. The bricks featured loving and encouraging words addressed to Betty to inspire her as she walks the labyrinth. Even the family dogs got into the action and had their paws gently dipped in paint to make their own personalized bricks for Betty. Her husband, Jerry, helped Marty remove the sod for the path outlines. Betty and I spent a lot of quality time laying the hand-painted bricks – creating precious memories that we will always treasure. By the end of the day, the family had built a beautiful 25-foot Heart of Chartres labyrinth with a 20-inch path.

Betty now has a labyrinth in her flower garden to walk for a cure, or at least some consolation. And we all have the memory of how the family came together from far and wide to support Betty’s recovery with love made visible in the Heart of Chartres.


Grace Episcopal Church Chartres

Chartres, Grace Episcopal Church

Labyrinth at Hopkinsville

The congregation at Grace Episcopal Church wanted to create green space in downtown Hopkinsville.  It needed to be an area that could be used by members of the church as well as the entire community.  Their new Chartres Labyrinth provides a setting where people can experience a peaceful and quiet moment to reflect on personal awareness and their relationship with God. The labyrinth is a precise Chartres replica with buff colored paths and red lines.

As you will tell from their website, it is well used and loved!