Massachusetts Labyrinths



This “Welcome Garden” was built during 2012 to offer a physically and spiritually accessible space for neighbors, friends, and visitors.  It features a stone labyrinth built by Marty Kermeen. Past and present members of West Concord Union Church provided the funding, and current members serve as a garden crew to keep it beautiful during the warmer months. In this photo the church members are saying “welcome to all”!
West Concord Union Church
1317 Main St.
 Concord MA 01742



New American Castle Labyrinth

The New American Castle Labyrinth is a seven-path classical labyrinth that was inspired by the famous coins from Crete. It is the perfect choice for this one-of-a-kind medieval castle, nestled in the Berkshire Mountains. The unique labyrinth is 48 feet in diameter and uses paving bricks manufactured by Paveloc Industries. The castle has been turned into a museum.

New American Castle Labyrinth