Michigan Labyrinths


Detroit River Walk

International Riverfront Park Labyrinths at Gabriel Richard Park

The city of Detroit is in the finishing stages of revitalizing the downtown riverfront with a series of connecting parks covering seven linear miles. This energetic reclamation project will replace the large abandoned buildings left by the numerous auto and tire manufacturers. Many of these companies have adopted and funded portions of the project.

We felt fortunate to be included in the process of turning ugly into green.

We created three labyrinths in Gabriel Richard Park, near the bridge to Bell Island. As you enter the labyrinth area, you are welcomed by a small nine foot wide seven path Classic. This gives you an opportunity to reflect on the long history of labyrinths and the countless walkers that have gone before. Many people choose to use this little “cutie” as an energy center for Thai/Chi and meditation. As you venture along a second walkway, you encounter a 35′ wide circular labyrinth with five circuits. It has a larger than normal center to accommodate the third labyrinth, which is a set of nine Greek keys in a 3 X 3 pattern creating an interesting and playful space.

International Riverfront Park Labyrinths

International Riverfront Park Labyrinths - Design collaboration with Jeff Saward (Photo by Kolby Sills)