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Nashua The Reflection Garden Labyrinth Builder Marty  Kermeen Labyrinths in Stone

The Reflection Garden and Labyrinth

The Reflection Garden and Labyrinth Constructed by Marty Kermeen Labyrinths in Stone


Nashua Labyrinth

This Chartres replica, has red paths and charcoal lines that compliment the paver sidewalks that are so prominent in the downtown area. The people in the town were so excited about the project, and there were numerous newspaper and TV interviews. The thing that best describes this city to, came about after one of the newspaper articles mentioned, that we had been working twelve hour days and doing that seven days a week, to try to complete the entire labyrinth and surrounding reflection garden, in time for the quickly approaching dedication.

During the next two days approximately a dozen people came to the park to offer their time, to do anything they could to help us. We were unable to use their offer to help, due to insurance reasons. But the kindness shown here, is what the city of Nashua is all about!The city parks and recreation departments and the public works folks, were all as helpful as could possibly be. The adult learning center next door to the park, was very supportive and wonderful about everything. From offering bathrooms to fresh baked brownies and other goodies.