New Jersey Labyrinths

New Vernon Paver Labyrinth Made by Marty Kermeen Labyrinths in Stone

New Vernon Chartres Labyrinth

Chartres Labyrinth, Private Residence - Design collaboration with Robert Ferré Brick Labyrinth by Marty Kermeen

When we began researching information on creating a Chartres labyrinth – our journey led us directly to “The Chartres Labyrinth Trilogy” by Robert Ferre. After months of study, I was able to translate his teachings on how to paint a Chartres labyrinth into creating a work of art using paving stones. As our personal friendship grew, it became apparent to us that Robert is the world’s foremost expert on the sacred geometry contained within the Chartres labyrinth.

Upon the completion of our first Chartres labyrinth in Naperville, Illinois, we sent Master labyrinth maker Robert Ferre a few photographs of the project to show him what he had unknowingly helped us create. Shortly after receiving them, Robert invited my wife, Debi and I to join him in St Louis with 37 other labyrinth enthusiasts from around the world. The purpose of this gathering in 1998 was the formation of The Labyrinth Society, currently numbering over 500 members.

We are proud to announce that in 2002 we combined our extensive backgrounds and collaborated on two projects. This collaboration was born of our 20+ years of brick paving artistry and Robert’s experience of artfully painting over 650 labyrinths. Through a technique we’ve developed, we are able to produce beautiful, hand-scored and stained Chartres patterns with full detail at a cost effective price. One of these projects is this beautiful 47 foot Chartres labyrinth on a private estate in New Jersey.