Beautiful paver labyrinth in the healing garden


As master Labyrinth builders, with 20 years of experience creating some of the most beautiful paver and stone labyrinths. We feel it was an incredible honor to create this beautiful stone labyrinth in Traverse City, MI. It is located at “The Judith Groleau Healing Garden” at The Historic Barns Park Botanic Garden.

This Labyrinth is Located in the heart of Traverse City – on the grounds of the Traverse City State Hospital. The paver labyrinth is inspired by (not a replica) of the famous Chartres labyrinth.

The board of the Botanic Garden decided to have us make the trefoils in the center of the labyrinth colonial red, which is symbolic of the thirteen spires on the commons building #50.

We had hundreds of visitors to the site. Many of them commented on the 62′ in diameter labyrinth. They told us that the labyrinth seemed like a crown at the end of the beautiful Allee, and the red trefoils in the center were the jewels at the top of a crown.

Some of the visitors commented that it resembles stained glass. One man said the sacred geometry, and the craftsmanship was very reminiscent of a Cathedral.