Our extensive experience with commissions by nonprofit organizations has helped us to develop strategies for making our artwork more affordable and your labyrinth more of an integral part of the community. We have found that labyrinth fundraising campaigns offer ways for people to make a positive, lasting mark by contributing to a collaborative project that will add timeless beauty and pleasure to their community. Engraved bricks are a perfect way for people to honor family members, friends, businesses, and organizations. Children particularly enjoy creating their own steppingstones. Other successful fundraising ideas include:

  • main entry columns
  • retaining walls, meditation benches
  • garden plantings, and time capsules

We also offer an on-site fundraising workshop that shows you how to set up and manage a community labyrinth fundraising campaign. Please contact us at for further information.


The Millennium Wall encircles the back-row seating of the Naperville Millennium Labyrinth Amphitheater. Buy-A-Brickprograms offer community members the opportunity to support the labyrinth project by purchasing engraved bricks. Perfect for building retaining walls and walkways, they also make unique, one-of-a-kind gifts for special occasions, such as anniversaries, birthdays, and graduations. Plus, Buy-A-Brick programs give people the chance to make a positive, lasting mark that will become a permanent part of their community history.


“Create Your Own” Steppingstones were crafted by the members of St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church as part of the Millennium Meditation Garden and Labyrinth fundraising campaign. Using the studio of a local ceramic artist, parishioners fashioned their unique steppingstones with personal symbols, which now enhance the labyrinth with a mosaic effect. “Create Your Own” Stepping-stones add hand-crafted beauty to the labyrinth and they also give people the opportunity to make a creative statement.


Pictured here is one of the main entry columns from the Millennium Meditation Garden and Labyrinth at St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Naperville, IL. Contained within one are scrolls listing the names of those who made large contributions to the project’s fundraising campaign; secured within the other column is a time capsule containing mementos deposited by parishioners to mark the transition into the new millennium.


The meditation benches, combined with the surrounding gardens, create an embracing sense of safety, privacy, and enclosure for those walking the labyrinth, as well as a convenient place for rest and reflection. For non-profit organizations, these high-end fixtures provide contributors with the opportunity to make large tax-deductible donations to your labyrinth project.


We specialize in designing and building an array of fixtures for your labyrinth and/or meditation garden. We are also happy to work with your designs. Please contact us at for further information.



Labyrinths in Stone Finance Requirements


The labyrinths we design and create are commissioned works of art. A labyrinth commission is a function of a number of factors, including not only the cost of materials, installation, and artists fees but also the cost of transportation, meals, accommodations, and salaries for the installation crew. Also, there is the matter of out-of-state insurance, purchasing the pavers, and some brick cutting is done prior to arrival on site. Sometimes 200 labor hours out of 1,000 total is completed before arriving. Equipment preparation and many other things are handled by Labyrinths in Stone before leaving for actual installation.


Therefore, we require a down payment of 50 percent of the total commission with a signed contract; additional 25 percent when Marty, crew and hand-sculpted pavers arrive, and the balance is due upon completion of the project. You’ll find that we strive to make the process of commissioning our artwork a rewarding and enjoyable experience from start to finish.