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Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, Robert Ferré

Robert specializes in portable canvas and permanent (concrete) walking labyrinths, informative books and tapes, and pilgrimages to Chartres Cathedral in France.

Labyrinthos, Jeff and Kimberly Saward

Jeff and Kimberly are two of the world’s leading experts on the history and distribution of mazes and labyrinths. They have written on the subject in magazines, radio and television in UK, Europe, USA and Canada. They are also published authors of several books.

Paxworks, John Ridder

John offers an extensive photo gallery, recommended books and CDs, lists of labyrinth locations, customized portable walking labyrinths, information and articles on labyrinths and other peaceful pursuits. He is also a labyrinth consultant, builder and speaker.

Turning Point Consultants  Zara Renander  and Rev Kerry Holder

They offer an exciting, powerful, practical training program for churches and communities interested in developing an intentional team labyrinth ministry for healing and reconciliation. They have extensive experience in the applications of the labyrinth for healing in conflict resolution for congregations, in disaster relief, and in situations of abuse and brokenness amongst people and communities. They work from an apprentice-mentoring model of learning, using the gift of stories, the practice of walking, reflection, ritual and imagery as our tools in showing how labyrinth work can move people towards wholeness. They also emphasize the labyrinth as a place as a place for celebration, thankfulness and blessing.


The Labyrinth Society, TLS

The TLS Mission: To support all those who create, maintain and use labyrinths and to serve the global community by providing education, networking and opportunities to experience transformation.

Relax4Life, Neal and Mary Harris

Neal and Mary offer Chartres, Ely and Cretan (Classical) wood finger labyrinth designs. Inventor of the Intuipath® double finger labyrinth for counseling.

Prairie Labyrinth, Toby Evans

Toby is an artist, teacher, musician, author, ceremonialist and Certified Hypnotherapist. She also created and maintains the Prairie Labyrinth and is involved with the Artline Project. Toby created a line of labyrinth Chakra cards for use in mediation.

Paths of Peace,  Lisa Moriarty

Lisa is an artist, teacher, labyrinth designer and maker.  Past President of The Labyrinth Society…Empowering and Talented!

Earth Symbols, Alex Champion

Alex’s website features sacred space in the form of small or large walkable earthworks. The patterns are also spiritual symbols and unique interactive gardens. These earthworks are labyrinths, mazes and other complex geometric symbols, which are based on the first or archetypal patterns of nature.

Jill Geoffrion

Jill works closely with labyrinths as an author, speaker, spiritual coach, photographer, retreat facilitator, designer, installer, trainer of labyrinth facilitators, and visual artist. Jill enjoys encouraging others to use these ancient patterns in ways that invite creativity, transformation and joy. Her deepest interest involves the sacred uses of the labyrinth.

The Alabama Project, Annette Reynolds

Annette encourages and nurtures creative imagination, intuition, beauty, wholeness, connection, and healing through the labyrinth experience.

Santa Rosa Labyrinth, Lea Good-Harris Ph.D.

Lea’s website gives a lot of info about the Santa Rosa© design, which is Lea’s creation of a modified Chartres style. Her site is intended to further inspire the creative spirit in making, walking and experiencing all labyrinths. She also has a directory of labyrinth locations and events in the Sonoma County, CA area.

Sacred Land Photography, Cindy Pavlinac

Cindy blends inspired writing with powerful photography to depict places lucidly, vividly and creatively. A fine art photographer specializing in images that convey a sense of beauty and mystery of place. She works on location througout Europe and North America photographing ancient sanctuaries and modern expressions of the sacred.

World Wide Labyrinth Locator

This locator is very informative about different kinds of labyrinths and where you may find them. Also there is a service to upload descriptions and pictures of new labyrinth locations not yet appearing on the locator.

iSpiritual, Rita Caroni

iSpiritual is the home of the “Heart Opening Labyrinth” and features jewelry and numerous finger labyrinths including the Chartres, Classical and the Santa Rosa© Labyrinth.

Paveloc Industries

Paveloc’s Promise: Continually strive to manufacture the highest quality line of products. We promise to provide those products to our customers with the best possible service and support. Quality will always be our ultimate goal. Paveloc is the manufacturer of choice for Marty’s works of art.