Master Labyrinth Builders

  Marty and Debi Kermeen Labyrinth Builders for twenty years possess the insight, skill, and meticulous standards needed to create a true work of art.  They are educators, presenters, facilitators and Founding members of The Labyrinth Society. They have created beautiful labyrinths from coast to coast.  They are uniquely qualified to build your legacy quality labyrinth.  Marty’s beautiful labyrinth art installations include: The New Walter Reed Hospital, Folk Art Museum in Santa Fe. GNP Insurance Mexico City, Botanical Gardens Laguna Nigel, St. Pauls’ Cathedral, The Crossings […]

Our latest labyrinth creation

We are internationally known Labyrinth Builders! We feel very honored to have been chosen to create “The Judith Groleau Healing Garden Labyrinth” at The Historic Barns Park Botanic Garden in Traverse City, MI. This Labyrinth is Located in the heart of Traverse City – on the grounds of the Traverse City State Hospital. For this Chartres inspired installation, the garden committee decided to have us make the trefoils in the center of the labyrinth red. Which is symbolic of the […]