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Beautiful church Labyrinth

St. Johns Cathedral

Mary Clark Wright Memorial Labyrinth
Mary Clark Wright Memorial Labyrinth, St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral

On September 11, 2001, the labyrinth at St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral was full of people – members and non-members alike who had flocked there, seeking comfort and consolation after the terrible turn of events in our nation’s history. Hundreds gathered to walk the labyrinth’s winding path that day and well into the evening.

The children of Mary Clark Wright, the sole patrons of the project, commissioned the labyrinth in memory of their mother, a long-time member of the church. Thanks to them, the people of Knoxville sought the sure path of the labyrinth in order to come to grips with their tumultuous emotions.

Sculpted in terra cotta and light gray paving stones, the magnificent labyrinth is a precision replica of the Chartres pattern. The labyrinth is 39 feet in diameter, and the path is 12.5 inches wide, extending a total of 750 feet in length. The exacting detail of the lunations, trefoils, and petals demonstrate why we are unrivalled in labyrinth design and installation.

We are honored to have been commissioned to create this beautiful work of art for St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral and the people of Knoxville.

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