Chicago Bulls Testimonials

From: Jerry Reinsdorf, Chicago Bulls
Re: Chicago Bulls Logo, Sheri L. Berto Training Center, Chicago, IL

Chicago Bulls Logo

When the Sheri L. Berto Training Center was in the planning stages, the Chicago Bulls made every effort to assure that this facility would meet the highest standards of function, quality and style.

Five years after the completion of the Berto Center, the organization is pleased to acknowledge that those goals were achieved, thanks to the efforts of the many sub-contractors involved in the project. The brick walkway, incorporating the Bulls logo, which leads into the Berto Center continues to be a work of art which attracts compliments from many who enter the building.

The Chicago Bulls organization is very pleased to have had Artistic Pavers as one of its most talented sub-contractors on the Sheri L. Berto Training Center project.

Jerry M. Reinsdorf

From: Michael Reinsdorf, Managing Director
International Facilities Group, LLC, Chicago, IL

Dear Marty,

When I initially received your packet with photos, I was excited by the possibilities for the Berto Center. My expectations were exceeded by your attention to detail and craftsmanship, creating for us a version of our logo in brick that exceeds many of the painted ones that I have seen in the past.

Thank you for an outstanding job and best of luck to you in the future.

Michael Reinsdorf