Unity Center Testimonials

From: Rev. Jill C. Carey, Unity Center
Re: Unity Center Labyrinth, Austin, TX

Unity Center Labyrinth

“Every now and then, we get to see the unmistakable evidence of God’s gift in a person. That is what’s happening here,” stated Rev. Jill C. Carey as she watched Marty install the Unity Center Labyrinth.

From: David McNeil, SR Development, Inc., Unity Center

Dear Marty,

After 30 plus years in real estate and construction, I thought that I could no longer be impressed by anyone or any process. I am a changed person after having observed the creation of your art, you, and your crew.

As I think back to the trepidation I had as you arrived at the site to start your contract, I now laugh at myself. This was a full blown construction project with carpenters, plumbers, electricians, brick masons and fire sprinkler installers all jockeying for the same areas to deposit building materials and perform their contracted work: most of the time they were working above you. I realize that at times you must have felt that you were in a war zone with the carpenters shooting their ram set guns and the scissor lifts soaring overhead.

For the first couple of days that you were there, I came to the job site more than I would normally have because I was concerned about you and your crew not fitting in with my general contractor and his subcontractors. This can be problematic when the owner brings in a contractor that is not working under the general contractor’s contract. The more times I visited the job site and observed the evolution of the labyrinth, the more I began to appreciate the skill of the artist at work. Remember, I am not prone to giving compliments. When the other sbcontractors at the site were trying to get going each morning, you and your crew were already hard at creating. When the other crews quit for the day, you and your crew put in another 2 hours and worked until dark. When the weekend arrived, the job site was quiet except for you and your crew.

Well, I could ramble on but I think I would only embarrass you. In all sincerity, it was a pleasure to watch you create. I know the church congregation is happy with the labyrinth and I sit in awe of a true artist, an excellent tradesman and a fine individual.

Thanks for the experience.
Sincerely, David McNeil