Dian Winingder Testimonial

From: Dian Coleman Winingder
Re: The Labyrinth at Audubon Park, New Orleans, LA

The Labyrinth at Audubon Park

In 2006 I was honored to have the privilege of working with Marty Kermeen to build the Labyrinth at Audubon Park. This project was in the works for several years. It was the first public labyrinth to be built in the City of New Orleans. Construction began in January following the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina to the City of New Orleans.

This labyrinth is a symbol of hope and renewal for our city. This construction represented the first project to be started and completed after the storm. The construction site became a place of hope and renewal for many citizens who had lost everything. Marty and his workers were on the site from sunup to sundown. They never stopped working for two straight months, with one exception – they always stopped and found a few minutes to visit with each inquisitive passerby. They explained their work and gave encouragement to those in need. The labyrinth site became a healing place and a place to witness actual rebirth. The work was fascinating and at the same time encouraging to so many.

The final result, the exact replica of the eleven-circuit labyrinth from the Chartres Cathedral is truly a masterpiece. I am convinced that Marty Kermeen, with the constant support of his wife Debi, and the assistance of his faithful workers and stone cutters, is the best labyrinth builder in the world. He understands the complicated geometry and has the passion and perfection to create this ancient design. Each stone is cut and placed with care and intent. Marty seems to have a special gift that goes beyond our understanding. It was a great honor to work so closely with Marty and I will always treaure the opportunity I had to be so closely involved on a daily basis with this project. Today, one year later, the labyrinth stands as a symbol of hope and renewal for the New Orleans community. It is as beautiful today as it was the day of completion. This labyrinth will be with us for centuries to come and will always be a place of hope and renewal.

On behalf of the friends of the Labyrinth at Audubon Park and the staff of the Audubon Institute, we thank Marty for his contribution to rebuilding the spirit of the city of New Orleans. He went beyond what was expected and created a masterpiece in stone. Dale Stastny, Director of Audubon Park joins me in thanking Marty and his team. They all proved to be perfectionists, were a joy to work with and we are all proud of the process and the end result.

If I can of further assistance or can answer any questions, please contact me at 504.586.8305, or by mail at 400 N. Peters, # 203, New Orleans, LA 70130.

Dian Coleman Winingder