GWSM Inc Testimonial

From: GWSM, Inc., Landscape Architects
Re: Washington and Lee University Coat of Arms, Lexington, VA

Washington and Lee University Coat of Arms

(Photo by Patrick Hinely)

GWSM, Inc. was contracted to design a courtyard at the Visitor’s Entrance to the Washington and Lee University Campus. The scope of our work was to transform the existing bituminous and gravel vehicle parking lot into a pedestrian courtyard that would accommodate some vehicle parking for just visitors mainly to Lee Chapel, but also to the University’s historic Front Campus.

Washington and Lee University was founded in 1749 and was celebrating its 250th year in 1999. The courtyard was to be a project to mark this celebration.

When GWSM, Inc. presented the conceptual plan to the Board of Trustees in 1997, we included a suggestion that the University Coat of Arms be placed within the paving of this courtyard. To our surprise, the concept was approved by the Trustees and we had to quickly move to prepare documents and construct the Coat of Arms in the proposed paving before the 250th celebration started.

Prior to suggesting the Coat of Arms, we had read some articles and ads about Marty Kermeen and his company, Artistic Pavers. GWSM, Inc. immediately contacted Marty to see if he could help in the process.

Artistic Pavers assisted in the planning procedure, the materials selection, the installation procedure and finally, the installation itself within a very short schedule of time.

Mr. Marty Kermeen is not just an installer of concrete pavers. He is an artist that uses these pavers as a medium as much like an artist uses paint on canvas. He gains a knowledge of both the art work to be produced and the feelings of the client for whom the work is to be performed. The result of all of this has been a very successful project at Washington and Lee.

GWSM Inc., Landscape Architects
Pittsburgh, PA