Jeff Saward Testimonial

From: Jeff Saward, Editor Caerdroia; Co-Director, Labyrinthos

When the masons at Chartres created the labyrinth pavement in the Cathedral some 800 years ago, their understanding of the construction geometry and techniques combined with their skill and craftsmanship. They created what was, at that time, probably the most technically complex labyrinth installation ever attempted. These labyrinths in the Gothic cathedrals were known to their builders as Domus Dedali – the House of Daedalus – the master builder of the ancient world. Their labyrinth at Chartres has stood the test of time, remaining as one of the few paved labyrinths from the medieval period to have survived. This labyrinth has, eight centuries later, become pivotal to the modern revitalization of labyrinths.

To build a modern replica of the Chartres Labyrinth likewise requires the skills of a master builder, one who truly understands not only the nature of the labyrinth design itself, but also the techniques needed to work the materials to create it. Having worked with Marty Kermeen on a number of labyrinth design and construction projects over the past seven years, I know that he is probably the only modern builder of labyrinths who possesses that rare combination of insight, skill and experience needed to create a true reconstruction of the Chartres Labyrinth, in the materials and the spirit of the original.

Jeff Saward