Robert Frazier Testimonial

From: Robert Frazier, St. Thomas the Apostle Church
Re: Labyrinth, Naperville, IL

St. Thomas the Apostle Church Labyrinth

Dear Marty,

I want to personally thank you for creating such a beautiful labyrinth and garden for us. I enjoyed working with you and talking to you during the project. I was also impressed by your dedication to your work and was inspired by your enthusiasm for creating labyrinths. I have enjoyed telling others about your passion and plans for labyrinths. Thanks also for your work with the stepping stones. I think they turned out great. I was touched by your reverence for the life and the faith stories that each one of these stones represent.

Lots of people have been using the labyrinth and many are saying that it has turned out much better than they expected. I can’t wait until the Spring once we’ve put all the landscaping in. We will keep you informed of our plans. Hopefully you will be able to return for our dedication ceremonies.

Thanks again, Marty. Your work has truly been a blessing to us. I hope all your endeavors continue to go well and that you may receive many blessings in return.

In peace,
Robert Frazier