Timothy Barlett Labyrinth

From: Timothy A. Bartlett, Superintendent of Planning and Operations
Re: Crystal Lake Labyrinth, Urbana Park District, Urbana, IL

Crystal Lake Labyrinth

The Urbana Park District has had a very successful collaboration with Mr. Marty Kermeen in the planning, design and construction of the Crystal Lake Labyrinth in Crystal Lake Park, Urbana, IL. The Urbana Park District worked closely with the Baker Board, a local community group, to help raise funds necessary to construct the labyrinth. Mr. Kermeen was extremely helpful in working with the Baker Board and the Park District Board of Commissioners in making the Crystal Lake Labyrinth a reality.

Mr. Kermeen worked easily with Urbana Park District staff in the planning, budgeting and construction of the labyrinth. Mr. Kermeen was keenly aware of the procedures that District staff needed to follow regarding scheduling, phasing, bidding, purchasing materials and all other aspects of the project. He provided staff with necessary information in a timely fashion to keep on task and complete the project as scheduled. He and his staff were very careful in protecting Crystal Lake Park during the construction phase. The resulting labyrinth is of the highest quality and should serve District residents for many years to come. In addition, Mr. Kermeen has been helpful in assisting Park District staff with follow-up maintenance issues and is available anytime for questions or concerns by staff.

On behalf of the Urbana Park District Board of Commissioners, I recommend that Marty Kermeen would do an excellent job of designing and constructing a custom designed labyrinth for any community. Please feel free to visit the Crystal Lake Labyrinth anytime to examine our project and/or contact me directly at 217.344.9583 for any additional information.

Timothy A. Bartlett