Thank you from St. Paul’s United Methodist Church


From:  J. L. Mayhew, Project Manager, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church

Houston, Texas

Dear Marty and Debi,

I want to take this opportunity to express our thanks to you for the spectacular job you and your team did in constructing a true replication of The Chartres Labyrinth at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Houston.  St. Paul’s had utilized a canvas Labyrinth for several years before forming a committee to study the feasibility of building a permanent Labyrinth on our campus.    Our investigation included discussions with several churches and other organizations across the country that had built Labyrinths.  To my amazement, I found out that there are over 150 Labyrinths in Texas.  Once the decision was made to proceed with building the Labyrinth, we focused our attention on finding someone to construct the Labyrinth.   Labyrinths In Stone and Marty Kermeen seemed to stand out among those we talked with in our investigation. Thus the decision was made to commission your firm to construct our Labyrinth.


As the member chosen to represent the church, I want to acknowledge how impressed we were with you during construction.  I have worked with many different contractors during my career but no one comes close to you as an artisan who strives for perfection in their trade.    Your passion for your vocation is evident.  The geometry and construction techniques are very unique and you are a master craftsman with stone.   Your attention to detail is evident which makes the end product outstanding.  Dr. James L. Bankston, our Labyrinth Committee, and the entire congregation join me in thanking  you and your team for a job well done.     Personally I would like to add that you were a joy to work with during construction.


In summary, we are very pleased with our decision to have Labyrinths in Stone construct our Labyrinth.   I would be happy to share our experience in more detail or answer any questions you might have.  I can be contacted by email at  telephone at 713-504-3087.