Welcome to Labyrinths In Stone


Home of Marty and Debi Kermeen Labyrinths in Stone, we are Labyrinth Builders, presenters, educators, facilitators and Founding members of The Labyrinth Society.

We have created paver art from coast to coast for over 25 years; our first labyrinth project was completed in 1998 in Naperville, Illinois. That started us on the twisting, turning journey of the labyrinth…

Making the most labyrinths has never been our goal. Creating beautiful labyrinths, with the intention that is precise works of art that withstands the test of time, is our passion.

Our labyrinth creations can be found in cathedrals, churches, hospitals, cancer centers, public parks, schools, universities, museums & private residences.

The labyrinths we create do not come in a kit. Labyrinths In Stone custom design and handcraft each labyrinth to fit the individual needs, space and budget requirements of our clients.

Marty Kermeen is the master sculptor and labyrinth builder who creates these beautiful labyrinths, which are recognized as some of the most beautiful and long-lasting available. They have been featured worldwide in magazines, books and TV, including HGTV, Time Magazine, and on the cover of Jeff Saward’s book “Labyrinths & Mazes.”

Explore our website to see details of our labyrinths throughout the USA.
Marty has carved three-dimensional images of nature since childhood and has recently started working in natural stone and incorporating his work into our labyrinth projects. He completed “Dance of the Cranes,” a relief carving featuring life-size Sandhill Cranes, in 2008.

We thrive on the creative process… whether it be creating labyrinth art, sculptures, workshops, or teaching about labyrinths and sacred geometry.

Bring us your ideas and let’s create a project that will leave a long-lasting, beautiful mark on the planet for future generations to enjoy!