Wisconsin Labyrinths

De Forest

Heritage Gardens at Erickson Farms

Heritage Gardens at Erickson Farms

Labyrinth at Deforest

Heritage Gardens at Erickson Farms

Design collaboration with Jeff Saward

This Reims Labyrinth is one of three labyrinths being created on this site. The Four Elements were sculpted out of limestone and placed within the labyrinth.

Eau Claire

Phoenix Park Labyrinth

Phoenix Park Labyrinth, River Front Terrace

Phoenix Park is a brownfield redevelopment at the confluence of the Chippewa River and Eau Claire River in Downtown Eau Claire which includes the park, a large open space with river access and a farmer’s market. The total area of the park is approximately 9 acres and includes approximately 1/2 mile of riverbank frontage. The area includes strolling paths, fishing walls, regional bike trail, trailhead facilities, a confluence plaza, a celebration plaza, labyrinth, Farmer’s Market, clock tower and many natural and passive areas. What makes this special is how the use of the space is growing and evolving as the community discovers all that it has to offer.

At first glance this labyrinth appears to be a round seven path Classic. If you look closely you will notice that the center is not round. The labyrinth community in Eau Claire, with Lisa Moriarty’s guidance, asked if we could lay the pavers in a true archimedian spiral labyrinth. Which means we would start in the center with four rows of buff and one row of charcoal pavers and continue those lines of never ending rows, each set of five laying in the back of the previous five going around and around all the way to the outside edge, creating the spiral.

All we needed to do was to connect the appropriate charcoal lines, and some detailed cuttings to create the unique labyrinth at Phoenix Park.

Phoenix Park Labyrinth 2

Phoenix Park Labyrinth 3