Brick Art

Our Brick Art showcases some of the many corporate, memorial and private art commissions. These projects demonstrate the artistry of carving in stone. Please look closely at the intricate hand-sculpting… no, it is NOT paint!

Triquetra, Entrance to Melissa Labyrinth

Triquetra, Entrance to Melissa Labyrinth, Private Residence, Toledo, OH Design collaboration with John Ridder (Photo by Norma Stark)

Double Spiral Labyrinth

Double Spiral Labyrinth, Private Residence, Yorkville, IL (Photo by Jeff Saward)

Golden Labyrinth

Golden Labyrinth, Illinois Math and Science Academy, Aurora, IL Design collaboration with Jeff Saward

Veteran's Mosaic

An exquisite piece of art created from many techniques of sculpting pavers. Just as an artist uses different pigments of oil paint, Marty cuts different colors of concrete pavers for inlaying into the paver "mosaic." Marty is at his best when challenged with an interesting project. This artwork was commissioned by a veteran's group in Plano, IL.

Chicago Bulls Logo

Chicago Bulls Logo, Sherri L. Berto Training Center, Chicago, IL

Sheep Dog

Sheep Dog, Private Residence

Washington & Lee University

Washington & Lee University Coat of Arms, Lexington, VA (Photo by Patrick Hinely)

St. Xavier University

St. Xavier University, Chicago, IL

Celtic Cross, St. Xavier University South Campus

Celtic Cross, St. Xavier University South Campus, Tinley Park, IL Design collaboration with Jeff Saward (Photo by Jeff Saward)