Canvas Labyrinths

We hand paint in exact detail beautiful canvas labyrinths…..with intention and love!

Canvas Labyrinth 8

Details of ChartresCanvas Labyrinth 9

The “Reflection” Labyrinth our own design!  A dual path used for relationship work and reconciliation! Drumming Circles and Marriage CounselingCanvas Labyrinth

This Reflection Labyrinth was painted by Judy Hopen and Debi KermeenCanvas Labyrinth 2

Canvas Labyrinth 3

Chartres Labyrinth DesignCanvas Labyrinth 5

Canvas Labyrinth 6

Canvas Labyrinth 7

Another example of the “Reflection Labyrinth”Canvas Labyrinth 10


                                     Canvas Labyrinth 11

Canvas Labyrinth 12