Temporary Labyrinths

From time to time, we get the urge to build a temporary labyrinth, in a particularly beautiful setting, or just for the fun of it!

Lilly's Labyrinth

Lilly’s Labyrinth, Upper Emerald Pool, Zion National Park, Utah June 15, 2010 - Lilly’s Birthday

Zion Labyrinth

A memorial for Debi’s Mom, created on her birthday this year.  It was as if she were hiking with us that day,  So we created “Lilly’s Labyrinth” near the Upper Emerald Pool.  It was great fun to watch people as they arrived at the emerald pool. They were instantly attracted to the design of the labyrinth etched with love in the sand!

One of my favorite uses for the labyrinth is the memorial walk.  You can think of the person and ask that your mind be a still vessel to hold his or her memory, and that your heart be open to the joy of their presents and to the sorrow of them leaving.  Giving their spirits wings to fly, and letting their journey bring them home!  Walking the labyrinth using this, gives you a change to bring your grieving into your body, and releasing it into the heavens and down into the mother earth!


Sand Castle Labyrinth

Sand Castle Labyrinth, Laguna Beach, California July 11, 2010

Marty, Debi and Chloe Kermeen made this 15 ‘Seven Path Classic sand Labyrinth with our hands in the Sand. People were very attracted to it, though it was not “walkable”

Making this was very joyful! As the tide washed in, watching the water flowing into it, and then very gently washing it away, was a wonderful meditation!

 Additional Sand Labyrinths

Sand Labyrinth 1

Seed Pattern for Classical Sand Labyrinth

Sand Labyrinth 2

Sand Labyrinth 3

Hawaii Sand Labyrinth

Landscape Labyrinths

Labyrinth at Night

Landscape Labyrinth 1

Landscape Labyrinth 2

Landscape Labyrinth 3

Quad City Landscape Labyrinth

Quad City Landscape Labyrinth 2

Labyrinth of Mumms